Rugs on the move – what to do!

My mother-in-law has this problem with her living room rug – it rucks up and gradually moves about the room through the day.

Mind you, having a rug on a wooden floor must be much more of an issue.

I asked Des at Majestic Rugs for his suggestions:

Smaller rugs are the more likely to cause slipping on a smooth floor, or to creep on the surface of a carpeted floor. There are a number of products available on the market to prevent this, but the most practical and easy to use, is probably the Anti-Creep/Slip spray methods which are now available.

I know that there are underlay products available, but you have to buy the correct underlay for the sub surface of the floor, and you must then cut this to size or buy multiple pieces for larger rug sizes.

The Anti-Creep/Slip spray method is easy to apply by following the manufacturer’s guidelines, and will allow you to uplift and to reposition the rug as required. This method is also suitable for other home products such as doormats, kitchen mats and bathroom mats. I would recommend customers to visit CYBERGOLD UK LTD – they have a nationwide product distribution network and can recommend local retail stockists to customers.

Any other ideas welcome…


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