Rugs – what to do with a rug you no longer want…

When you’ve bought your lovely new rugs, what then for your old one?  There are a surprising number of options:

  1. If your rug is in good condition, you could offer it to your local, reputable charity shop, or on your local Freecycle – it may suit someone else, and certainly with the latter they’re likely to collect.
  2. For rugs in not-so-good condition – perhaps a local animal shelter, kennels or cattery could make use of it.
  3. How about cutting a piece for foot mats in your car or to line the boot?
  4. Campers and caravanners – would the rug be useful for you – cut to suit your tent/caravan?
  5. Rugs can be useful in the garden – as a mulch to suppress weeds, between rows of plants too, and on top of a compost heap a rug can help to maintain balanced moisture levels. If you cannot use your old rug in this way, perhaps your local allotment group could.
  6. Use your old rug in the loft as additional heat insulation, and in this way it will continue to provide warmth and comfort in your home.
  7. If you are building a garden pond area, then an old rug is absolutely ideal as an underlay for your pond liner and may prevent sharp objects from piercing the liner.

Taking a rug or carpet to your local recycling centre is not likely to be welcomed; being made of a variety of fibres makes it difficult to separate for recycling.

Hopefully the above offers you some options for your old rug, once your new rugs have been delivered.


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