Rug thickness information

We have had a number of recent requests from customers regarding the thickness of our rugs although we do already provide quality specification details on our rugs Information page. We provide details such as the pile density, the tuft points per square metre and also the weight of our individual rug qualities.

What we had not provided however is the thickness of the rugs which to most customers means the overall height of the rug from the back to the top of the pile. Our customers have pointed out that this information is important as it clearly conveys the expectation of sitting comfort for the rug.

One lady explained that her young child would be sitting and playing on the rug and she wanted to be sure that the rug offered comfort and support.

Another customer said that the overall rug height was very important as she needed to know that there was sufficient clearance when she opened the door into the room to avoid contact with the rug.

These are very practical and understandable reasons to provide this information and therefore we have listed the overall rug heights as follows:

  • Palace – 15mm or 3/5ths”
  • Kazakhstan – 13.5mm or 5/9ths”
  • Regency- 14.5mm or 4/7ths”
  • Horizon – 14mm or 4/7ths”
  • Shaggy – 50mm or 2.0″ (it is wonderfully deep and thick)
  • Royal Wilton – 16mm or 5/8ths”
  • Exellan Modern – 16mm or 5/8ths”
  • Exellan Traditional – 16mm or 5/8ths”
  • Simply Black – 14mm or 4/7ths”
  • Mayfair – 17mm or 7/10ths”
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