Mouse Rugs and bits & bobs

Some Sunday rug witterings…

Something I noticed quite a while ago was mouse mats in the style of a rug; finally I bought one a few months ago on eBay – after getting fed up of my mouse slipping and missing on the desk top or having to mess about with it all the time.

My Mouse Rug!The plan had also been to buy one for each of my clients for Christmas, however the one I have is not really up to gift standard – the base is a bit scrappy. But as a mouse mat, it’s wonderful – the best I’ve used. While not of a tufted design (which I was expecting for some reason) it is in fact a woven, almost silky ribbon type of construction. And certainly something that Des would like – must order one for him!

Without the foam base it would be a treat for any doll’s house, although my daughter makes do quite happily with a few of the rug samples kindly given to us by Des, and with some brightly coloured card.

I think the shaggy rugs would be a bit much and drown the inabitants! Though a sample from a rejected shaggy rug range (it is just not in the same league as the one Des did decide to sell) is welcome underfoot at my desk.  Which reminds me to photograph some of our new shaggy rugs for the website too!

If you want to try a mouse rug yourself, visit some of the websites from this search


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